My promise to my couples is to leave them with a thoughtfully, curated collection of images that truly captured the beauty of their love and their wedding day. Images that are timeless. Images that are nostalgic. Images that show them how beautiful they are. Images that make them indescribably happy. When I start every wedding day, this is what I keep in my mind and my heart.

I create an environment where my couples can be fully present to soak in every moment while quietly capturing each cherished moment that they want to hold close for years to come. Genuinely connecting with my couples and truly understanding what’s important to them is one of my highest priorities.

I will be there to capture you in the most elegant ways, support you, make you laugh, remind you to drink water, adjust your hair, lay your dress out beautifully, be honest with you, boost your confidence, bring you back to the moment, anything you need. I deeply care about my couples which I feel fully comes to fruition in my artistry.




Tell me about your photographic style.

Romantic. Refined. True colors with rich tones. Connection-focused, fashion inspired, candid emotions captured through timeless photographs.

What is your view on posing and natural moments?

I believe the union of both the guided and the unguided is what makes for beautiful images. Moving my couples through a variety of natural, flattering poses in an authentic way produces images that are both visually lovely and genuine to the moment and the couple.

Do you shoot film?

Yes, I do. I love the timeless look that film creates and its rich tones. There is something so classic about film photography that will always have my heart. It seems to heighten my creativity and give my work a unique sense of purpose. After photographing weddings for a decade, I also know that the wedding day includes many moments that happen swiftly, which is why I love to include digital photography in my workflow as well. Your wedding gallery will include a combination of film images and digital images that have been carefully edited to create the same rich film tones and timelessness.

How would someone describe your personality?

Calm, down-to-earth, grateful, caring, positive, fun, efficient. My couples often describe me as the sense of calm and positive energy they need on their wedding day and someone who continues to bring them back to what truly matters.

Can we see a complete wedding gallery?

Of course! To be able to fully experience the wholeness of a photographers work, it’s pivotal to view the way they capture a wedding day from beginning to end.

What additional services do you offer?

In addition to photographing your wedding day, my offerings include — proposals, engagement sessions, bridal sessions, boudoir sessions, rehearsal dinner, fine art albums and luxury prints. After the wedding, I love capturing my couples throughout their milestones ahead. My couples become some of my dearest friends and it is such a gift to be able to photograph them and celebrate alongside them.

Where are you based? Do you work internationally?

I’m based in the beautiful, unique city of Austin, Texas. The scenic rolling hills, expressive city and positive energy here always keeps me inspired. My photography work has also taken me all over the world. Expanding my work and capturing different landscapes and cultures is something I thrive off of. I’m an experienced, international traveler and would be ecstatic to capture your love, wherever it take us.


How do I request a quote from you?

First, I would love to connect more over a call or pick a time that works to meet in person! In our initial chat, I will walk you through what it’s like to work with me, ask more about you, your fiancé and your vision for the wedding, and learn more about your specific needs to give me the information I need to create a custom proposal for you!

What is needed to reserve you for my wedding? How far in-advance do you book?

We’ve checked each others boxes and are both confident we will be a great fit! To reserve your wedding date, I require a deposit of half of the amount of your custom quote and a signed contract. Once these are complete, you have officially secured your date! I will then proceed by sending you any/all of my exclusive guides that will assist you and your partner with preparing for our sessions ahead. Dependent on the season, I typically book out 12-18 months in advance.

How many hours will you be capturing my wedding?

Every wedding is unique and therefore will need a different amount of coverage time. The majority of my couples book coverage for 9-11 hours. I will talk with you and/or your wedding planner to determine the amount of coverage you will uniquely need based on your wedding day timeline to ensure that everything will be captured. If you need to add additional coverage time later, I am very flexible and can always make that possible!

Am I able to reserve you for other gatherings I’m hosting throughout the weekend such as my rehearsal dinner?

Of course! You put so much effort into creating an incredible wedding weekend experience for your guests and I want to be there to capture it all.

Can you recommend any local vendors?

Most definitely! Achieving an iconic wedding requires an incredible team of talented people. After booking, I will share my vendor recommendations list which includes all of my most trusted and talented vendor friends from each category.

Do you assist with the wedding day timeline?

Of course! Photography plays a major role in the entire wedding day timeline. I make sure to heavily assist with organizing that timing for each part of the day. Through a decade of photographing weddings, I have an incredible amount of experience in regards to how long each group of photos will take, how much buffer time should be included during each group of photos and correlating those photos during the most ideal lighting times. Everything from what time beauty services need to be completed to have adequate time for pre-ceremony photos to picking the perfect time for your ceremony to creating pockets of time where you and your partner can enjoy a few moments alone to soak everything in. I am here to offer my expertise and advice during every step of the way!

Will my collection include an engagement session?

Yes! All of my wedding collections include your choice of an additional session. That session can be an engagement, bridal or boudoir session. If you would like to use your included session for engagement photos but you would also like a bridal and/or boudoir session, you can always add an additional session as well. Some couples discover my work after they have had engagement photos already taken and therefore, don’t need them. This is the perfect opportunity to use your session for a beautiful bridal session or a boudoir session to gift to your partner. If you do not need any of these sessions, you are welcome to save your session to use later on something such as an anniversary session.

What is an engagement session like with you?

Having both of you in front of my camera for the first time is one of the best parts of our journey together! Building a connection, seeing you relax and your confidence increase is such an amazing feeling for both of us. I will be your support and will assist you throughout every step of the way. You will receive my engagement guide which will fully educate you with all of the details you’ll need to have a successful session. Advice such as what to wear, colors that photograph well and compliment each other, the best locations depending on the look you’re desiring, the best times and dates for your session, items to bring with you and what to expect after your session. Engagements include a 2-hour session and produce a minimum of 150 timeless images that are tastefully edited and delivered in a beautiful online gallery 2-3 weeks after your session.


I love the beautifully styled, flat-lay images that showcase the wedding day details. Do you capture these?

I absolutely do! I bring a full styling kit dedicated to creating the most stunning flat-lay and detail images. This kit includes a variety of styling boards to match your wedding aesthetic and to ensure we have a beautiful backdrop in a location with ideal lighting. It also includes a variety of dainty styling pieces, beautiful jewelry dishes, height blocks to add dimension under stationery, ribbons, etc. I always recommend that my couples ask their florist to add styling blooms to their proposal to use for flat-lays. This will add even more visual interest to your flat-lays and create a cohesive look between all of the wedding details throughout the day.

My partner and I need direction in front of the camera. Are you skillful with posing?

If I had to pick one of my best qualities as a photographer, it would be creating a space where my couples feel comfortable in front of the camera and naturally guiding them through beautiful, flattering, genuine poses. I pride myself in posing my couples in a way that not only looks natural but feels natural. I will assist throughout the entire time if needed and pull back during moments when you two are in a natural flow. Anytime I have had a couple who shows up to our session seeming a bit nervous or tense, I have a 100% success rate at having them relax, loosen up and enjoy taking photos after just a short time of being together. I promise that you have nothing to worry about.

Do you work solely or with an assistant?

My goal for my couples is for them to have an exceptionally smooth wedding day experience and to fully soak in every moment of the day. To deliver on that, it is critical to have a team of experts. That is why in addition to myself, I will have an accompanying, highly-experienced photographer on my team throughout the entirety of the day. This ensures that we can capture multiple aspects of the day that may overlap (both getting ready simultaneously, each of your reactions during a first look and/or the ceremony, post-ceremony portraits concurrently with cocktail hour, etc). Dependent on your guest count, I will additionally have a non-shooting assistant to contribute to the smoothness of the day by lending a hand when needed. This ensures that myself and my second photographer can always be shooting.

What is your process for capturing group photos?

Prior to the wedding day, I will work with you to put together a family shot list — making it an easy day-of experience. Groups shots, especially large ones, can be an intimidating thought for some couples to imagine. That is why I have my assistant reading names off of the list and preparing the next group while I am capturing the first group. I give great direction to individuals on where to go, where to put their hands, etc. This allows the group photos to be smooth and efficient, giving us more time afterwards to capture the two of you. I also love to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves which is why I also like to keep things light and fun.

My venue has spaces that are very dark. How do you navigate this?

While I absolutely love using natural light whenever possible, I am very skilled when it comes to artificial lighting and lighting dark indoor spaces in a beautiful, natural looking way. I carry all Profoto lighting equipment which are the best in the industry and are known for their world-leading lights and light-shaping tools.

How do I ensure that your capture all of the images I want?

After photographing hundreds of weddings, I’m overly experienced in what/how to capture every aspect of the wedding day. Prior to your wedding, you will receive my wedding questionnaire by email. The answers to these questions allow me to specifically tailor things to your unique wedding. Getting insight on the things that you would like to do such as a letter reading and/or gift exchange, gifts for your parents or wedding party, a first look with dad or bridesmaids, a first look with your soon-to-be spouse, etc is important for me to know to ensure that everything is smooth, well-timed and captured. My questionnaire also covers aspects like the size of your wedding party, family members to be included in family photos (names and a family shot list), shots that are specific to you that I wouldn’t assume to take such as you with a certain friend from college, a sentimental item from your grandma, etc. I love to capture the story of the day in a natural way which is why I don’t work off of a standard shot list but I do think it’s important to have a smaller version of a shot list which is specific to you, your family and your individual requests. I will always be fully educated on everything you and your partner want prior to the wedding which will allow you to be more present and have confidence that I have everything taken care of.


When will I receive my wedding images?

After the wedding day, your images will be thoughtfully curated and tastefully edited. You can expect to receive your hand-tailored gallery approximately 4-6 weeks after your wedding.

How many images can I expect to receive?

Most wedding galleries will include approximately 800-1,200 images. I don’t withhold myself when it comes to the amount of photos I capture on a wedding day. I prefer to have multiple options of each photo to select from to ensure that you are receiving finest collection of images where you look your best.

Do you deliver a variety of both color and B&W images?

Yes, you will receive a combination of both color and B&W images in your gallery. The ratio is typically 75% color and 25% black and white. There is something so timeless and classic about a black and white image and that scheme can make some images even more impactful.

How long will I have access to my wedding images?

You will have access to your wedding gallery for one full year after your wedding. I want you to have ample time to soak in the images, share them with your friends and family, download them, select images for your wedding album, order prints, etc. That is why I have a long accessibility time frame.

Do you store a backup of my wedding images?

The safety of your images is paramount to me which is why I store six backups of your images. I store your images in three separate locations on physical devices and three separate cloud-based locations for virtual backups.

Do you offer prints?

I do! You can order beautiful prints easily from your gallery. The lab that I am partnered with was founded in 1976 with the purpose of providing photographers with the finest possible prints and that’s exactly what they do. I also offer other varieties such as framed prints, canvas prints, etc.

Do you offer albums?

Yes, I offer luxury wedding albums that are artfully designed and ordered for you. I offer a variety of sizes, tasteful color options, custom impressed cover text or wedding day lettering, etc. I will send you a request to select the photos you would like included in the album directly from within your gallery; making it incredibly easy. After your selection is complete and you have chosen from the material, color and cover text options, I will design your custom album. Once the design is complete, you will receive a link to view a proof of your album. If you would like any changes made before ordering, I’m happy to do that. I want it to be perfect for you! After you have approved the design, your album will be ordered and you will receive it in 2-3 weeks.



Wedding collections include wedding day coverage from myself as the lead, an additional photographer from my team and a day-of assistant. With the experience from my decade long career as a wedding photographer, I’m very involved in the timeline creation process and will work hand-in-hand with your wedding planner to create the perfect photography timeline for your wedding day. A wedding preview gallery is delivered within 48 hours after your wedding day. Your fully edited gallery of thoughtfully curated images will be delivered in 4-6 weeks after your wedding celebration. In addition, all wedding collections include your selection of an engagement, bridal or boudoir session with the option to add additional sessions. Wedding collections start at $9,000. My further offerings include — rehearsal dinner coverage, full wedding weekend coverage, fine art wedding albums and luxury prints.

I’m based in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas and am available for weddings internationally. For a custom proposal, connect with me below and I will be in touch within 48 hours!


Engagement sessions include a 2-hour session, 150+ timeless images that are edited and delivered in a beautiful online gallery within 2-3 weeks. My couples have exclusive access to my engagement guide which includes advice such as what to wear, a list of premier locations, a pre-session checklist, etc. I’m additionally partnered with Chillann Styling if you would like more hands-on guidance with outfit selection. Custom engagement albums and luxury prints are also available.



Bridal sessions include a 1.5 hour session, 100+ images that are edited and delivered in a beautiful online gallery within 2-3 weeks after your session. Expect assistance with finding the perfect location, as well as communication with the venue to ensure everything is a smooth experience for you. Fine-art albums and luxury prints are also available.



Boudoir sessions include a 1.5 hour session, a minimum of 100 images that are tastefully edited and delivered in an online gallery within 2-3 weeks after your session. Venue rentals, fine art boudoir albums and luxury prints are also available. Investment begins at $900.



Lifestyle sessions are for families, couples, maternity, branding, etc. These sessions include a one-hour session and 85+ images that are edited and delivered in a beautiful online gallery within 2-3 weeks after your session. I provide location suggestions, assistance with selecting the best date and time for your session, and ideas on what to wear. I’m additionally partnered with Chillann Styling if you would like more hands-on guidance with outfit sele