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My career as a wedding photographer began over a decade ago; leading me to what I believe is one of my greatest purposes in this life. Weddings are a place where my natural ability to capture people on a deeper level and in a beautiful way shines. Wedding days are filled with so many emotions and it truly excites me as an artist and honestly, as a person. I am my happiest when I’m capturing people in love, surrounded by their dearest friends and family, finally experiencing these once-in-a-lifetime moments. 


My workflow consists of both digital and film photography which creates a consistency and timelessness to my work. I believe both mediums have a special, intentional place on the wedding day. Photography has taken me all over the world; keeping the inspiration behind my images rich with culture and fashion. I’ve learned that you can discover so much about someone by simply observing their interactions with others. Love might look different in contrasting locations, but the emotion that brings people together remains the same no matter where you are in the world. My couples are my friends and with that, I care deeply about each of them. I care about their vision, the things they uniquely desire on their wedding day, understanding the dynamic of their families, what worries them, what their dreams are and how I can ensure they are calm, relaxed and present. I truly want their wedding day to be so wonderful; just as they are. 

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"She is professional, kind, and brought a sense of positivity and joy to her work that resonates in all of our photographs."

—Jenna, G


My husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this year! Something our time together has taught me is that making the choice to love the person you committed to every single day is more important than anything else. They will be there for you and you will be there for them. Your truest friend and deepest connection. I want this same experience for my couples and I have the highest confidence in them that they will live a life of happiness together.

During the hard times, I want you to look at your wedding album and experience that same feeling you had when you said “I do”. During the happy times, I want you to glance at an image of your first dance hanging on your wall and give a sweet little smile to yourself as it fills your body with warmth at the thought of that incredible day.

We have shared so many incredible experiences together and through it all, when I look at our wedding photos, I’m brought back to that special day when I committed to him forever. What a blessing it is to have him by my side. 


My couples care about working with someone who makes them feel comfortable, creates a calm and positive environment for them, is detail oriented and gives them direction, makes them laugh and reminds them to be in-the-moment, is efficient and keeps them on time, is fashion-forward, is an expert with light, captures beautiful portraits and the candid moments, is sweet and caring to them and their guests, is thorough and catches every special moment. If this sounds like you, I’d love to connect with you!

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Austin & Dawn

By far the best photographer I could have ever asked for. My husband could not stop raving about how her and her assistant made all of the wedding party feel so comfortable. She has such a graceful way of directing even the most difficult family members and she never makes you feel rushed.

The photos are incredible and look like something out of a magazine. I will spend the rest of my life reminiscing on this day and thanks to Sarah, all of the sweet moments captured in the most beautiful way.

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